In case you haven’t heard of Bumbury’s creator, she makes some of the best dress QR codes I have seen for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Check out her website, she has matching hats for the dresses as well! I absoutely adore her stuff.

Hrísey, Iceland


robin doobles from twitter because i’m pumped n practically in love ugh /slams fist on desk


C O N Q U E R — theme by aiteki


  • four tabs
  • sidebar image
  • fully moveable and sizable corner image
  • cover or tiled background
  • cute listing
  • infinite scrolling or pagination
  • custom banner
  • easy upload favicon
  • show tags or not
  • show captions or not
  • tons of color options
  • reblog link
  • custom tag symbol
  • custom ask text
  • custom upload cursor
  • please  make cute themes with this!!!!
  • tooltips
  • i know i am forgetting things!!! grrr!!!!

This one is something I am super duper proud of!!!!! It’s super customizable,too!!!! Good for all blog types, really, and super cute!!!! Just look at it!!!! This is custom coding, so you cannot move,alter,or remove my credit or use this as a basecode!!! Thank you so so much!!!

static preview onestatic preview twostatic preview threepastebin code

If you make one false move, I’ll kill you.

kill la kill + alignments